State Level Competitions

At state level MMA Cured Meat competitions, Bob’s Processing has proven themselves a worthy component among the 100 or so competitors.  We have amassed OVER 100 BLUE RIBBONS and 4 BEST IN SHOW AWARDS over the years.  Some of the highlights include:

1990 - Best in Show for our HAM

1995 - Best in Show for our BACON

2003 - Best in Show for our BACON

2005 - Best in Show for our HAM

2011 - Best in Show for our CHILI CHEESE HOT DOGS

2011 - Best in Show for our JERKY


National Level Competitions

In addition to the state level competitions, Bob's Processing has won 10 National Championship Awards in the Cured Meat Show. Entrants at the national level generally compete against 300-500 other products.  The Cured Meat Show featured products such as ham, smoked turkey, bacon and smoked fish.  Of the 10 we earned, THREE were for our amazing BACON.

1995 - At AAMP, Bob’s Processing has received many awards including Grand Champion sectioned and formed JERKY and Reserve Champion BONE IN HAM

2004 - AAMP Outstanding Service Award Winner - this award is an honor to be bestowed on affiliated associations, officers, secretaries or leaders by AAMP.  These leaders' dedication and enthusiasm have elevated the association to an outstanding degree.

2005 - AAMP Cured Meat Hall of Fame Award Winner - an award established to recognize individuals that have shown a long-standing excellence in the productin of cured meats.  Award winners have actively participated in the American Cured Meat Championships for years, state cured meat shows, demonstrated exceptional ability in the production of cured meant, involved in AAMP activitids and shared their knowledge with others in the industry.

2010 - AAMP Golden Cleaver Trophy - the Golden Cleaver Trophy acknowledges the member who has recruited the highest number of new members to join AAMP.

2011 - National Meat Convention, Reno Nevada, Reserve Champion for our BACON!


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