If you happen to go fishing and get lucky we can smoke your fish for you, all you have to do is either fillet it or remove the head and gut it.  Just bring it in we will do the rest.  

We are not always open when you are done fishing so we have a fish drop box at Bob’s located on the West side of the shop. Just tag your fish with your name and phone number and drop it in the box. We check the box every morning and will take care of it from there. $2.00 per pound



We can take your deer meat and make many of the same products we regularly offer plus many more.

In order to operate more efficiently, we reserve the right to "batch process", or make the same item for several customers at one time. This means meat from animals of the same species owned by other customers may be commingled with your own during the processing operations. However, you will always recieve your own proportionate amount of finished product made to our exacting standards.

We process only venison that has been boned out, washed, free of dirt, blood clots and hair.  IT MUST BE CLEAN OR WE WILL NOT TAKE IT! Our motto is “If we wouldn't eat it, we won’t take it!” NO GROUND venison will be accepted

Venison for processing needs to be brought into us in a FOOD GRADE BAG, Tupperware bowls, gallon sized baggies etc. No trash bags or plastic carry out bags will be accepted. Frozen meat must be in no larger than 10# blocks.  See our brochure for more detials.

Venison Processing Brochure

Processed Venison Choices:

  • Summer Sausage $7.50 per stick 
  • Summer Sausage: Bacon Flavor $8.00 per
  • Summer Sausage: Jalepeno Flavor $8.00 per
  • Summer Sausage: Jalepeno/Cheese Flavor $9.00 per
  • Jerky $5.50 per pound 5# min drys 50%. 2.5lbs of jerky $11
  • Snack Sticks:Regular $6.00 per lb 
  • Snack Sticks: Jalepeno $6.00 lb
  • Snack Sticks: BBQ $6.00lb
  • Snack Sticks: Pepperoni $6.00lb
  • Cheddar Cheese Ring Bologna $4.00lb (each finished ring averages 1.25-1.75 lbs.)
  • Italian Sausage $2.00 lb 
  • Bratwurst $2.00 lb
  • Dried Venison (made from hind legs, same as chipped beef, good for sandwiches)sliced & packed $2.50 lb 
  • Smoked Venison (smoked leg, much like a ham) $1.50 lb 
  • Corned Rounds (just like corned beef) $1.50 lb
  • Breakfast Sausage $2.00 lb
  • Ground Venison $.50 lb
  • Ground and packaged venison$.80 lb
  • Hot Dogs $4.50 lb



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